Friday, May 15, 2009

Bittersweet Day for Kevin

Yesterday was a Big day for Kevin. He was hand selected to Co-Lead the Security for President Obama. This is actually his second time through out his career that he has been chosen to do such a thing, the first time was for Clinton. (Neither president did we vote for, but he says they are his boss) :) We are very proud of him, the boys were excited! He is sun burned really bad as it hit 95 here yesterday poor guy!
However, he also found out yesterday he did not make Master.(his next rank) He was so bummed! I feel so bad for him, there is nothing I can say to change it he worked hard and barely missed it, which he says makes it worse for him. I tell him there is always next year. I told him regardless of what rank he is, he is the best of the best! He could be like alot of other Airman, and he's not! I am very proud to be his wife, he works hard for his job and is good at it! Our family does suffer from time to time but in the end it will all be worth it! We love you Tsgt. Kevin Cooper and are proud of you!


Carla said...

Kevin is awesome no matter what. But he's extra cool for getting to guard the president's life.

Nelson Family of 7 said...

Too cool that he gets to do that! Sorry that he didn't get to make rank this time but praying he makes it next year!

Cori said...

Tell him very cool! We know how you guys are feeling. Chris didn't make it either. However, like we talked about, there's next year and you move onward and upward and tackle it again. Next year will be there year anyway, I just know it!!!

Amber said...

Well congrats to Kevin on that, from Steve and I! 'Course I voted for Obama so it would be extra cool to me ;) many people have a pic of themselves standing in front of Air Force One?

Steve said...

Cool assignment, sorry about not making the rank. He will. Even Bob did not make all his ranks the first time :)

Maggie said...

Oh, tell him I'm so sorry that he didn't make his next rank, Jody. But you are right, there is always next year. I am highly impressed at all the things you talk about that he's involved in. He has a very cool job!! I hope he's not too bummed.

That is a very cool pic of him in front of the plane!

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