Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Telling The Ruiz's Bye... and Visiting The Pearson's

My little brother Virgil, his wife Yahaira and their son, my favorite 2 year old nephew Eli, were called to do something amazing, MOVE TO PERU! :) So when he called me and told me they were moving, Kevin and I decided to use our points and fly me to see them and tell them goodbye. I wish Kevin (and my kids) could have gone, but I am very glad I got to go.. :) We had a great time, we hung out at the japanese tea garden for an afternoon, rode a train at the zoo, and then for my birthday they met us all for dinner! Virgil, as always I am very proud of you! God will do amazing things for you guys! Love you....
The advantage of being in San Antonio, is of course, the Pearsons live there as well! So I stayed with them the week. I got to see my oldest god daughter, Samantha, play 2 basketball games, and go to homecoming! This was awesome, as I have never been around when she does these things. (love the military, but that part of moving all over sucks) While there, Kevin said to see if I still love SA as much as I always have, as we plan to retire there.. so this trip (due to lact of funds and no car) we did none of the things, I usually love to do.. and my verdict.. YEP STILL LOVE SA! :)


which triplet is which..

So last thursday Aspen was sent home from school sick.. and as always one after another they got it and went down.. it's been along week for Me and Kevin :) but thankfully they are doing better.. here's a story thou for you while they were sick... Kevin's awesome!

3 am....
"daddy, trin is puking" Aspen? comes in our room to get us
5 minutes later, as he is giving her a shower, i hear him ask "which girl are you?" Trinity she says..
he puts her in her bed (taking his turn because we are on night 4 and jody is exhausted)

 he gets back in bed
"did you check on the other 2" I ask him
He says "yea, well maybe who's in the first bed? and which one is in the middle?"
I tell him, Aspen, Payton and Trinity.. honey they are in baby order (as they have always been)
"noone tells me anything" he replied...
Oh the life of Identical Triplets, there is never a dull moment :)





"Its so easy to compare ourselves and our families to some fictional expectation. Its much harder to listen to God's urgings and be content with how He wants us to be." Carla~
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