Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In Memory of My Aunt Pam....

Two years ago today, My Aunt Pam went home to be with the Lord.... I think it's so bittersweet for those of us that live here on earth and miss her daily. We know she is no longer in pain, and as beautiful as ever. :) I thought I would share a story in remembrance of her....
4 1/2 years ago, while I was pregnant with the triplets, we found out it was 3 girls, we were so excited, and then came the fighting over girl names! :) So after days of arguing we did come to 2 conclusions, one would be Aspen (baby A) and would be Trinity (baby B originally, born baby C) because in the bible it means 3! That's a great name for Triplets!
So we moved on to Baby B names and middle names for all 3 girls... Aspen won right away with Danelle (after my sister) Then out of nowhere Kevin came from the back of the house and said "Jode, let's name her Jo after your Aunt Pam" I teared up and said "Ok who?" Trinity he said, her name is long, so she needs a little middle name, and I think it would be special.
The next day (due to hour change) I called her and ask her if we could name T after her.... She was so excited, and choked up! She said "Oh she is named after you and I" I said "No, Aunt Pam she is named solely after you!" My Aunt Pam as you all know by now is my favorite Aunt and I am honored to have named my daughter after her!
We Love and Miss you Aunt Pam! Love LJ and Trinity Jo

Taken in 2005, at T's dedication... I cherish this picture of them!
*This was taken in 2005, these onesies are from Aunt Pam and say "My Aunt Loves Me"

From left to right: Trinity Jo, Payton and Aspen

Monday, March 30, 2009

Dave's School....

Dave's school is ginormous! It's bigger than our community collage at home, so the couple of times I have gone with him for different reasons, I beg him to let me take his pic in the Freshman hall. Of course he is like Heck No! But today noone was there! The halls were empty, so I begged, pleated, and bribed him with a dollar for the vending machine, all so I could hurry and snap a shot of him at his school! Just because I wanted a shot of him in the Freshman Academy! :)

Yesterday's Lesson....

This was taken when the ladies were 9 months old...
Ever since the girls were born they pretty much do everything alike. Clothes, shoes, toys, cups, hair pretties.... you get the point I am sure. The only difference is their clothes and shoes are always all the same, but their hair pretties and earrings (Great for telling Identical Triplets apart), some toys and cups are the same, just different color. This is great for knowing who's' is who's! Mind you for the most part this is by their choice, so it works rather well.

Yesterday at the store the ladies had money, so they had all picked Princess microphones, we walked around the store singing of course they are very into that stuff right now. We got to the line and began putting our items up on the counter, well as all stores are great at they had additional toys at the check out lines. The ladies began changing their minds on what we all wanted, everyone but Payton she wanted the microphone, but the other two adamantly wanted flashlights. Ok I knew those flashlights would get played with for an hour, and then be done, so we tried extensively to talk the other two into the microphones, no one was budging, so Kevin was like well let them get what they picked, we explained to them, they are old enough to understand so get what they picked. Against my better will, I gave in and said fine.....
All was well on the way home, each girl playing with their thing, we got home played for about another hour and half, when all the sudden guess what? The Flashlights were old news, and guess what we were asking for? "Mama, can i have the blue microphone now?" T asks...No, baby it's at the store. Then Aspen, asking can she have her white one?
Long story short, they cried for an hour and half, for the microphones! You know the ones they picked originally and I knew they would play with better!
Needless to say even Kevin agrees with me, from now on 3 the same, or nothing at all! What a valuable lesson we have learned! :)

This was taken when they were 2 years old, same place, same boxes! :)
A=Aspen, B=Payton, C=Trinity

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Mothers Day...in March

Years ago for Mother's Day Kevin had a shirt made for me with the 3 boys on it. I have worn the shirt so much it is beginning to wear at the threads literally, plus every time I wear it, the ladies ask me where they are... so finally Kevin found a place to have a new one made. This time however he had me go in and pick the layout, so on and so forth. Here is the sample! I LOVE it! It won' t be ready for 10 days but well worth the wait I am sure!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Aspen's Beauty Parlor!

My sister got the girls for Christmas their very own nail polish, so Aspen was painting her own nails! She did a pretty good job for being 4! :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Payton's Perspective....

If you keep up with our blog, you know from a couple of posts down, that I told the girls a story about how they got here. (not literally, they are only 4!) so last night at dinner Payton told Kevin and I that she had a story to share with us.
"One day there was a mama and a daddy with 3 boys, and they wanted a girl, so Jesus sent them to Chuck E. Cheese to buy 3! They were triplets, and they all lived happily ever after.... do you like my story Mama?" yes, we told her....
Later Kevin was like "nice, where did she get that?" I said that must be her perspective...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break... Thus Far

The ladies with Heathy outside doing bubbles! They are very excited to have the boys home this week!

Payton got in trouble for something, so she went behind the coach to pout, and ended up falling asleep back there.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Simple Impression... My Shopping Hobby!

I get ask all the time by friends and family where I get my signs.... The answer? A Simple Impression! Shelia is the creator of these awesome arts of work, and I love them! These are a few samples of what Shelia has made me, and the best thing about her is she is great at specific requests! She always comes up with great ideas for the girls rooms and their colors, I love her sayings and my latest favorite.. the Team Cooper vinyl for my van and our wall! Attached is her website and store, make sure to tell her Jody sent you :)

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Family Vacation!

Well originally we were to go to California, then that was changed to Wyoming for CFD, then the AF changed that for us (Kevin's leave, you have to love planning around the Air Force) So now it looks like Team Cooper will be spending our family vacation this year in San Antonio, Texas! We have family and friends all over down there, so we are very excited! In between Six Flags, Sea World, Corpus Christi, and quality time with family and friends....we can't wait! It's not until June but I couldn't wait till then to post my good news! :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beauty Shop....

The first time the ladies got a real haircut, Kevin and I were in Vegas so they got to go with Nana and Papa... but they had no camera! :) This time they went with us, but we also had no camera because it was on a whim we got all 6 of them haircuts, so thankfully we had our new cell phones! :) Here are the during photos and then after! Aspen, Payton and Trinity are the order and yes Paytons is the same but she tilted her head back when I was shooting her, so she looks alittle off...

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Friday, March 20, 2009

"Storytime with Mommy"

Tonight on the trampoline with the ladies. they asked me for "story time mama" I told them ok, what did they want to hear? Tell us a story you only know...I thought what in the world am I going to tell them.
I told them once upon a time there was a mommy named Jody and a daddy named Kevin, (they began smiling right away, big huge grins) who had 3 boys named David, Broc and Heath... they lived very happy as a family but one day asked Jesus for a sister..... and that is how they got Aspen, Payton and Trinity..... The Cooper Triplets!
Ok while alittle lame, they LOVED it! they were so excited hearing about how they got here and how all of our family wanted girls! :)

Super Hero Day....

Today is Super Hero Day at Heath's school! Thankfully I keep some of the past Halloween costumes! So he was Robin from Teen Titans! He looked pretty cool! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ballet week 2!

Tonight was night two of ballet. They are really enjoying attending classes as we are of watching them! :) I took 60 pics again, can you believe it! We found the correct shoes this time, and love them! Hopefully I won't wear out your love for ballet! :)

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mommy/daddy time

Well here are the latest activities the girls have been up to. I would LOVE to post more on the boys but I have to tell you they are never here! So one day they'll be here and I'll try to grab some shots of them! :) Anyhow, the ladies and I made cookies and blue berry muffins, then Daddy took them for a walk and exercise. Please excuse how un pretty they look, it was right before bed time :)

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Triple Adventures....

Yesterday afternoon, each girl was in each bathroom, screaming "mama, wipe me" or "I need your help" the problem?? I was in the shower!! There is never a dull moment is there

Aspen was Paris

Payton was in Eifel Tower

Trinity was in the Blue Bathroom

Weight Limit

I was wondering where my family was and this is where I found all 7! I am almost positive there is a weight limit.... :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our 1 year Blogivesary!

This picture was taken for our church directory right before we began blogging and was my original first post image. To read my first entry Click Here....

Team Cooper Began a blog one year ago today! To be honest I never had any intention of starting a blog, but after beginning my Jody Cooper Photography Blog a couple of months prior I found I really enjoyed writing and sharing, but also using it as a nice stress release!

This also opened doors allowing our family and friends to keep up with us and pictures regularly without me overloading your emails with huge images! :) At any rate, we certainly hope you have enjoyed the last year, as much as we have! Thanks for stopping by and leaving us such nice comments! With Love, Kevin, Jody, Dave, Broc, Heath, Aspen, Payton & Trinity also known as Team Cooper....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Team Coopers' Favorite Cartoon...

Most days they spend arguing, all 6 of them that is... but for about an hour a day they all sit and are nice to one another, while watching Phineas and Ferb. Making this cartoon, Team Coopers Favorite!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Broc is getting too big too fast.... he is headed again to a dance tonight. I think to myself man he's only 12, I can't believe he is already going to dances and attends the school he does. This is the exact outfit he wore to the dance, so he wouldn't let me take his picture before he left. :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Part 2

Here is another collage... I ended up taking 100 pictures... I am not sure how, but well you know me, I just sit with my finger on the button! :) they are so funny! The image in the middle of them with clothes on instead of ballet attire is before going to base, that is Trinity with arms folded they were not happy they couldn't wear ballerina clothes all day.... Those are also the infamous princess shirts from my multiples shopping day (scroll down a few posts) :)
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First Ballet Class...

Finallllly We got to start ballet class today. They were so excited, it was so cute! I am biased I am sure but they actually did a really good job. Ms. Priscella, the teacher kept telling them and us how beautiful the girls were. She said "I will never be able to tell them apart" I smiled and told her that they are color coordinated and know not only who they are but who one another is, and will help you :) We go to ballet all year and will even get to have two recitals! (If you are thinking who is more excited me or them, you are correct, I am as excited as they are)

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Aspen White Pretty, Payton Pink, Trinity Blue

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Park Hair

When the ladies go to the park with Daddy they get all messy.... well because their hair is so long, which for the most part we all like, except at the park it gets in their eyes and gets tangled and they cry so we do Park Hair! :) Which Kevin and the boys make fun of, but hey at least this way it's out of their face and everyone is happy!

Monday, March 9, 2009


When we lived in Germany cell phones were expensive so only Kevin and Dave had one. When we moved back, Kevin, Dave, Broc and I all got one. We have a great plan with AT&T especially for a family plan and military discount. However due to just the wear and tear of our phones (mine and Kevin's believe it or not were horrible) upon finding out we were due for an upgrade we did just that! However, because we made the decision to get rid of a home phone, and to be bluntly honest, we are so scared living here (We are not in Kansas anymore aka landstuhl post) we got Heath one this time as well..... I know, I know he is only going to be 9, but google violence for ABQ you'll see why he got one! :) But also we feel better with all 3 boys having one. Once the girls realized we all got phones they needed new ones as well! :)

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Multi Tasking

Tonight the kids and I decided to watch a movie and do family night (poor Kevin was at work) we watched Cat In The Hat... anyhow when I looked over here was Dave, texting in one hand, my space in the other! That is some good multi tasking...

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Shopping for Multiples...

Last Night I did a shoot at the base, which means I got to go to the BX. I so miss living on base on going to the stores, and to top it off, they were doing an additional 30 percent off already clearance! I was excited!
So I enter the store filled with anticipation over getting to see what deals I can get thou, mind you in the year and half since moving here I have only ever found 3 of anything period in the store much less on sale 3 times, so I wasn't overly thrilled but you never know.
As I am walking back to the clearance racks for girls, I note a women is shopping on one side of the rack so as a common courtesy I start on the other side.
Much to my delight, I find 3-5/6 princess (with guess which 3 princess on it) shirts! I grab them! They were 15.00 each marked 75% off with an additional 30% off! Then I see the cutest plaid skirts you have ever seen, well I have a thing, if i see two I always grab them until I can make sure there is never a third..... but at the end of that size there is a 3rd one! I grabbed it and out load said "Woo Hoo" my chances of not only one set, but two both 75% and 30% I was thrilled!
This lady looks up and says "ohhh I didn't see those"
I am all happy, and say "Aren't they cute?" (not being ugly, I was honestly happy)
She changes her tone and says "yes, but do you really need to buy all 3?"
"Yes, actually I do, I have triplets"
"Ohhhh you do, well I am shopping for twins, and I didn't see those" (she completely says this like I was here first)
I keep shopping and say "oh, twins are great aren't they"
She just looks at me, but now she is following me around the rack...
Then I find 3- Dora shirts, again 75% off with an additional 30%
This time I just pick them up not saying too much
"Ughhhhh I didn't see those either! I only need two!"
(um ok..... and is what I was thinking)
I just smile, what am I going to say at this point?
She is making all kinds of remarks, to the extent that she "only needs two, they are Twins"
I am just moving from rack to rack not saying much else. Nodding every once in awhile, I decide I am done and go to the boys stuff... She Follows Me!!
I am thinking really lady! So I begin looking for the boys (found nothing) and go to leave the clothes all together and she is like "Are you getting all those clothes?"
"yes, mam I am, it is very hard to find 3 of the same thing, especially on sale"
"well, fine then, I mean I only needed two, but I guess I'll tell their mother I couldn't find any"
(mind you she has the dora shirts in her hands, I saw them)
I was like oh that is good, well have a nice night walking away
I thought found those suckers fair and square!
Ohhhh the joys of shopping for Multiples!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


About a week ago Dave went to his annual eye exam. Long story short he is wearing his contacts way too long, all day, everyday. So he needed glasses just for a couple of hours at night and the weekends. I think he looks great in them, but he said "this is why I got contacts mom!" :) So his eyes will be healthy but he can still look good, what a compromise!

"Its so easy to compare ourselves and our families to some fictional expectation. Its much harder to listen to God's urgings and be content with how He wants us to be." Carla~
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