Monday, March 30, 2009

Yesterday's Lesson....

This was taken when the ladies were 9 months old...
Ever since the girls were born they pretty much do everything alike. Clothes, shoes, toys, cups, hair pretties.... you get the point I am sure. The only difference is their clothes and shoes are always all the same, but their hair pretties and earrings (Great for telling Identical Triplets apart), some toys and cups are the same, just different color. This is great for knowing who's' is who's! Mind you for the most part this is by their choice, so it works rather well.

Yesterday at the store the ladies had money, so they had all picked Princess microphones, we walked around the store singing of course they are very into that stuff right now. We got to the line and began putting our items up on the counter, well as all stores are great at they had additional toys at the check out lines. The ladies began changing their minds on what we all wanted, everyone but Payton she wanted the microphone, but the other two adamantly wanted flashlights. Ok I knew those flashlights would get played with for an hour, and then be done, so we tried extensively to talk the other two into the microphones, no one was budging, so Kevin was like well let them get what they picked, we explained to them, they are old enough to understand so get what they picked. Against my better will, I gave in and said fine.....
All was well on the way home, each girl playing with their thing, we got home played for about another hour and half, when all the sudden guess what? The Flashlights were old news, and guess what we were asking for? "Mama, can i have the blue microphone now?" T asks...No, baby it's at the store. Then Aspen, asking can she have her white one?
Long story short, they cried for an hour and half, for the microphones! You know the ones they picked originally and I knew they would play with better!
Needless to say even Kevin agrees with me, from now on 3 the same, or nothing at all! What a valuable lesson we have learned! :)

This was taken when they were 2 years old, same place, same boxes! :)
A=Aspen, B=Payton, C=Trinity


Leslie said...

I love the story!!! even though you have triplets that sorta thing happends with my 7 and 4 year old. A lot of the times if they don't get the same things like at the store with their own money or gas station they get mad and want what the other has!!!ARGGG so it's just easier to get them the "same thing" to avoid a fight and a fit!!!
I love the girls pictures!!!! AHHH can I say LOVE IT!!! FREAKING ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THE PIG TAILS!!!!! :) how cool!!! :)

"Its so easy to compare ourselves and our families to some fictional expectation. Its much harder to listen to God's urgings and be content with how He wants us to be." Carla~
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