Friday, March 6, 2009

Shopping for Multiples...

Last Night I did a shoot at the base, which means I got to go to the BX. I so miss living on base on going to the stores, and to top it off, they were doing an additional 30 percent off already clearance! I was excited!
So I enter the store filled with anticipation over getting to see what deals I can get thou, mind you in the year and half since moving here I have only ever found 3 of anything period in the store much less on sale 3 times, so I wasn't overly thrilled but you never know.
As I am walking back to the clearance racks for girls, I note a women is shopping on one side of the rack so as a common courtesy I start on the other side.
Much to my delight, I find 3-5/6 princess (with guess which 3 princess on it) shirts! I grab them! They were 15.00 each marked 75% off with an additional 30% off! Then I see the cutest plaid skirts you have ever seen, well I have a thing, if i see two I always grab them until I can make sure there is never a third..... but at the end of that size there is a 3rd one! I grabbed it and out load said "Woo Hoo" my chances of not only one set, but two both 75% and 30% I was thrilled!
This lady looks up and says "ohhh I didn't see those"
I am all happy, and say "Aren't they cute?" (not being ugly, I was honestly happy)
She changes her tone and says "yes, but do you really need to buy all 3?"
"Yes, actually I do, I have triplets"
"Ohhhh you do, well I am shopping for twins, and I didn't see those" (she completely says this like I was here first)
I keep shopping and say "oh, twins are great aren't they"
She just looks at me, but now she is following me around the rack...
Then I find 3- Dora shirts, again 75% off with an additional 30%
This time I just pick them up not saying too much
"Ughhhhh I didn't see those either! I only need two!"
(um ok..... and is what I was thinking)
I just smile, what am I going to say at this point?
She is making all kinds of remarks, to the extent that she "only needs two, they are Twins"
I am just moving from rack to rack not saying much else. Nodding every once in awhile, I decide I am done and go to the boys stuff... She Follows Me!!
I am thinking really lady! So I begin looking for the boys (found nothing) and go to leave the clothes all together and she is like "Are you getting all those clothes?"
"yes, mam I am, it is very hard to find 3 of the same thing, especially on sale"
"well, fine then, I mean I only needed two, but I guess I'll tell their mother I couldn't find any"
(mind you she has the dora shirts in her hands, I saw them)
I was like oh that is good, well have a nice night walking away
I thought found those suckers fair and square!
Ohhhh the joys of shopping for Multiples!


Leslie said...

Man! what a whench that lady was!!!! she was their before you were too bad she was too retarded to see what you grabbed!!!! lol I am so glad you didn't give in and give her two of what you had!!! I never would have!!!!!!!!!! you found them before she did!! some people?? they think they own the world!!! lol glad you got them all and such a great deal on them!!!! YEAH!!!!!! :) let's see pictures of them soon dressed in those cute skirts!!! :)

Casey's trio said...

Good for you for finding some awesome clothes on clearance x 3! I hate it when I'm out shopping and find something I love and only find two...drives me crazy!
Have you ever visited the sweetened taters blog? They have identical triplet girls too. They are on my bloglist on my page if you want to take a peek.

Nelson Family of 7 said...

Yay-I am glad that you got the good deals! What a snake! I know how hard it is to find two of everything but I never would be so snotty to someone if they got to the stuff first! I wonder if our PX/BX is having a sale on their clothes-I will have to go and check it out since I never get there either!

Marie said...

What an awesome sale to hit! I am not sure I would have been so nice to the lady. She wasn't even shopping for her own kid so who cares! I can't wait to get back to the states and have real stores to shop in!

Maggie said...

OMG, what a freak! I can't believe that Jody. I am laughing at the story, but I think if that had happened to me I would have really had a look on my face like, back off, woman!!! LOL What are people coming to these days, GEEZ!!! I can't stand going to sales and having people ALL over me. UGH, that is the worst. Jeramy and I went to Dillards the other day, and all their 75% clearance was an additional 40% off, so seriously, the clothes were a steal. Jeramy got several pair of khakis for work for 10 bucks each (reg. $65), and I got a black leather coat (reg. $399) for $85 and another wool coat (reg. $199) for $65. I mean, you just couldn't beat those prices so I had to get 2 coats!! LOL I needed one bad, all my other ones were worn out and not very professional to wear to work. Jeramy got 4 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, a hoody, and a business vest/jacket, and only spent $120. We hit the jackpot. I LOVE SALES!!! (Just not the crazy freaks that follow you around and try to take your crap!) ahaha

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