Friday, March 27, 2009

Aspen's Beauty Parlor!

My sister got the girls for Christmas their very own nail polish, so Aspen was painting her own nails! She did a pretty good job for being 4! :)


Nelson Family of 7 said...

Awww-how cute is that!

Leslie said...

AWWW so cute and fun for her I bet!!!! you are brave letting her paint her toe nails on the floor that color with no paper towls or towl under her feet! lol like you said she must've done a great job!! :)

Maggie said...

I bet she has a ball doing big girl things like painting her nails!! My neice (who is 5) also loves to get her nails painted. You are a brave woman letting her paint over the carpet w/ no towell! haha She looks like she's doing a great job, though... no spills that I see!! =) Way to go Aspen!!

Laura said...

How cute! I remember the 1st time my daughter who is 8 painted her nails and toe nails the first time! It was a big mess but it sure was so much fun for her.

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