Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Snack Time"

My dear sweet husband bought the kids some candy today... Well later on in the day I hear Dave asked the girls to go get him a sucker.... I am thinking "what suckers" So I go check out what he was talking about..... OH MY... they found the bag of suckers Kevin bought them, each opened and were eating 2 at a time! I said "Ohhhh Thanks Kevin" Aspen was like "yeah Thanks Daddy!
Too bad she has no idea how sarcastic I meant that! :)


"Thanks Daddy!"

Monday, July 28, 2008

Team Coopers New Toy!


So this is part of the reason we have not gotten as far in the house as we would have liked. Kevin and Dave took a day to get this up for all 6 of them! We had one 4 years ago, but sold it when we moved to Germany, so they are quite excited to have one again! The girls were scared to death the first couple of days, but now when its' just the 3 of them they love it! I think the boys bounce them too high, so that is why they prefer to jump alone!
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A Touch Of Pink... Girls Room Is Done!

"The Girls Wall" I have a wall that is all thier images together that leads into their room, I have one for the boys as well... It's not done yet!

Entering their room


Our Beds!! They loved that I moved their little A P T signs right over where they each sleep...

4th Wall with our New Dora Bookshelf! We just need to find the books that go on it!

My newest Decor I got them from Shelia! :) They love it! I wanted to hang it above a baby photo of them, they picked the bubbles!

Friday, July 25, 2008

"Wrong Bed"

Kevin works mids, so he does not put the girls to bed at night, I do. Well last night he was here so he did it for me!
So this morning, when I woke up Kevin was already gone. Aspen came to get me up with her, we did our morning routine so on and so forth. Then we walked past the girls room, when I glanced in on the other 2 sleeping, I noticed that "Aspen" was still asleep.... I looked at her again and even said "Who are you?" She said "Aspen, Mama Daddy put me in the Wrong Bed!" Sure enough he put Aspen in Payton's bed, and Payton in Aspens... So I called him and here is the conversation....
"Hon, who sleeps by the window?" me
"Aspen, Why?" him
"Because that is where you put Payton" me
"Well is Trinity in the right bed?" Kevin
Thinking WHAT? to myself I said "Yes, Why"
"Well one of three's not bad, besides they didn't say anything to me!" Kevin
Ohhhh how I love this man! :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Feeding the Birds with Brocy"

From the moment we viewed this house, the girls have been waiting ever so patiently to re-fil the bird feeder! Well today was finally that day. They got to go out with Broc to fill the water and food. They were so excited... Now they are waiting ever so patiently to watch the birds come and eat!

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Color Coordinated!

When you get pregnant with multiples, they give them a letter Baby A and Baby B... Well of course we had to do Baby C! So I find some of the cutest things to decorate their room in... In fact we have a pink ABC on the wall... I figure how appropriate! Anyhow... what no one told me was how I would be able to tell them apart!

So I gave them colors! Aspen is White, Payton is Pink and Trinity is Purple! Any of their own personal items are these colors as well! Then we know who's is who's so on and so forth. This cuts down on fighting quite a bit! The other day someone actually said to Payton what is her color... Do you know she was like "I am pink, T is Purple, and Aspen is White" I thought oh.... ok... I was kinda shocked that she knew... I am not sure why, but I was.
I even commented to Kevin, Our poor girls
they answer things so unlike other kids get
to... Kevin was like They don't care, they
are special! For some reason this does not apply with
thier clothes! They like those being the same, but for toys,
or other things, they like it to be in their color....

One of the most asked questions we get is "How do you tell them apart" Today was no exception.. while we were at chilis eating lunch, the waitress asked the famous question and before any of us could answer her Trinity said "We have different colors of earrings!" We all stopped and looked at her, because A) She was right! that is exactly how we tell them apart and B) She was very proud of her answer!

I find it completely amazing to raise them!
And they never cease to amaze me... They are
such a gift from god... and make my heart swell
to watch them everyday! They love their older brothers... and that leaves me feeling so blessed!

On a side note, because Kevin thinks we should share this part... They like to wear the same hair bows, and I enjoy them wearing everything the same... I know, I know but I figure while I can they may as well... Well Kevin said it makes him feel like an idiot when they wear the same because then he's not sure who he is talking to! He said "Jody, people stare at me like you don't even know who your own kid is" So we go about 50/50 on what "hair pretties" we are wearing that day! :)
Just FYI for Aunt Cori, who asked me the other day what
they wear in their hair..
*Signs were bought, yes again, at my favorite store right now.. Simple Impressions!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Grace Outreach Picnic...

The kids and I were able to go to our church picnic last night (Kevin was at work) at a local park... I never realized how secure I feel on base until I go somewhere else. Of all the places I take them alone (unfortunately kevins schedule stinks right now) I normally feel fine, but there were too many people, in a very open area.... and I guess that is the part of me that is from somewhere like Cheyenne.... This whole bigger city thing is something for us to get used to. Even Dave was like "Mom, we need to keep a close eye on them huh?" I told him and Broc they could go do what they needed to do, but deep down was thankful they stayed with me! I try my hardest not to make the boys "do the girls" but sometimes, I am so grateful when they realize the situations and how they may be enough to stay near me. The girls get lots of attention, usually positive, but let's just say that is not always the case, and that scares me, not just for the girls, but all 6 of my kids! What a different world we live in now a days huh! :)
Regardless, We had a good time. The slide with 3 slots all together was a huge hit! Can you tell? and the swings? Oh man... How long can we swing? They loved them! Dave and Broc liked these as well, there were teenage girls watching them push the girls! Ice Cream is always a plus, and then it was time to go pick up dad from work...

"Ms. Stephanie!"

Meet "Ms. Stephanie!" she is the girls Sunday School/Nursery teacher at church... Whom they adore! The girls are kind-of reluctant when meeting new people. Honestly I think this is because of the approach people have on the them... They walk right up to the girls and get in their face. You and I as adults, realize they do this just because they think the girls are "neat" or whatever, but this tends to scare the girls off. So when they like someone, they really like them! Ms. Stephanie tops that list!
Everyday they want to know if it is church day, because then we get to see her! Every Saturday night we repaint our toes (this takes me about 30 min. to do all 3) to show Ms. Stephanie in our pretty shoes! We like to wear our pretty dresses to show her! Wellll when we got to see Ms. Stephanie TWICE yesterday, once at church and then at the picnic.... OH MY..... they could not believe that Ms. Stephanie leaves church! They were so excited to see her! I enclosed so many photos so you could see their faces, their was a huge dog next to Ms. Stephanie, and they are petrified of dogs.... Anyhow, the girls do not have many things in this world they care about for me to share with you, but this is a great one! We love you Ms. Stephanie! Aspen, Payton and Trinity!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! With Love,
Kevin, Jody, Dave, Broc, Heath, Aspen, Payton and Trinity
Otherwise known as Team Cooper! We love you all, and hope that you are with your loved ones right now! We think of and pray for you all often!
*click on grid to enlarge

These are some shots taken while we were waiting for the parade to begin. It was pretty exciting, but man did it make me homesick as ever! Kevin and I both agree, it is so nice to be here for this holiday... for the last four years the only place that celebrates the 4th is on base (obviously) but it's nice to see everyone, everywhere doing something patriotic! We are so thankful and proud to be American!

This second Collage is upon waiting for Fireworks to begin! We got there about 2 hours early to get a good spot... but after awhile, all 6 of them begin to "be done" but they did ok, and we got home about 11:10. We hope everyone had a great day! Love to you all Team Cooper

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Flight BBQ

Click on grid to enlarge.

We went with Kevin to a Flight NCO BBQ on base the other day, and there was a near by park. The kids had a good time, especially considering how hot it is here! Man, I wonder if we will ever get used to the heat! :) Notice the girls for the first time ever actually getting to not only drink Coke (they always only get sprite) but getting a can.... they were very excited to do things like the boys! They did not drink the whole can, I had Kevin take huge drinks of them. And I know this is awful, but they are still little so why give them soda all the time, I let them believe they can only have cans of pop at picnics/bbq's!
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"Its so easy to compare ourselves and our families to some fictional expectation. Its much harder to listen to God's urgings and be content with how He wants us to be." Carla~
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