Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Broc and Aspen with their Godmother..

I was so excited that Broc and Aspen both finally got to be with Aunt Sara! Broc has not seen her in 4 years, and I think they were both surprised at how one another looked.
Aspen, who is also named after Aunt Sara Danelle, finally got to meet her! It was really sweet how they interacted with one another. These images of course are not of professional manner, but I intend to get those as soon as I am able to!

The Girls with Papa and Nana

As you can see in a further down post, it took the girls each a couple of days to get used to my parents back in October. But this time.... complete turn around. The girls were all over them! They were so excited that Nana and Papa came for a visit, it was awesome for me to watch all 6 kids with my parents again!
They also got to meet Aunt Sara for the first time! I am not sure who was cuter, Sara or The Girls. I laughed because Sara would ask each one of them "ok, who are you?" Anyhow while she was here the girls really loved being with her and talking to her, and watching her get ready. So when she left we were watching Cinderella, I asked Aspen "Are you a Princess Aspen?" She chuckled and said "No...." Trinity said "Aunt Sara Is!" I asked all 3 of them kind 0f out load "Oh really, Aunt Sara is a Princess?" They said "Yes, Princess Aunt Sara!" It was so cute!

*Aspen telling Nana and Papa she wants to come to thier house! Then giving Nana, Papa and Aunt Sara kisses goodbye :( The kids were really upset, and it broke my heart! Good thing the 4th of July is only 6 weeks away.

My Poor Dad had been awake for almost 30 hours I think by the time they got here. This was the following afternoon, and he was resting on the coach. You see he got alot of rest with his granddaughters here to "help" Papa!

"Aspen, what are you doing?" Aspen replied "shhhh Papa is making mimi" but mind you she's laying on him, and playing with his face... Yeah she was letting him rest alright!

Payton realized she wanted to help Papa rest as well! I love how she is loving on him~

Of course if the other two are with Papa, Trinity joins in! Wow, good thing they let Papa get so much rest huh!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Cooper Triplets as Cheerleaders :)

I have to tell you this was our first experiance with anything girly, when being awe struck....
Boys love to meet Superman, Batman so on and so forth... Well my girls reacted the same way to meeting Cheerleaders! It was so cute... They just thought the cheerleaders were so neat. When we told them we were going to the football game, they went and got me their outfits. "Mom can we take the pom,poms?" I was alittle leary because they say the broncos on them (2 guesses, who these outfits were from by the way... beings neither Kevin nor I are Bronco Fans...Nana and Papa!) Well the girls ended up fitting in just fine. They were so excited when the cheerleaders came on the field, it was so funny to watch their reactions. I posted so many of them with all the cheerleaders, because I felt kind of sorry for the girls, as you can see they got alittle shy, People were yelling "can you look over here" well after a couple the poor girls were kinda taken back. I told my sister "you would have thought they were the attraction at the zoo" Sara replied "Well Jode, they kinda are" I laughed and thought well I guess so. :) I love that they are so cute, I love that they do get attention because they are so rare, but I also hope they adjust to that, and aren't too shy. The cheerleaders invited them to join Cheer Camp in June, so I will find out the price of that and we'll see. All I thought was... x3! Ouch :)

"Mom, it's a Real Cheerleader" The girls told me! They were so excited!

Aspen cheering with Daddy "Go Wyoming Go"
Payton cheering!
Trinity Cheering
Walking into the stadium to watch the game! They were so cute in their outfits!

Why we are called Team Cooper!

Every saturday Kevin has off he and the boys go to Arena Football ... Well this saturday the teams were New Mexico and .... WYOMING!!! So of course I said "Ok, that is not fair, I really want to go!" Kevin just smiled and handed me 8 tickets! I told him, oh yea see I am not sure that is a good idea... Let's be honest the girls are 3 1/2 how well can we really expect them to be at a Football game? But they were really good, they did get alittle bored at the end, but not too bad at all! We had quite a few people tell us they were well behaved, so maybe they weren't too bad. :) I love this photo of the 6 of them, I wish the back ground were different so I could frame it, but they are so hard to photograph, that I like this. We started off high in the stands, then the two older boys moved for alttle bit (poor Heath, just not quite old enough yet) but then all 8 of us ended up back together, alot closer! We had a great time, and of course Wy won 66-32!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

30 hours and Counting!

In about 30 hours or so my parents (aka Nana and Papa), my sister and my nephews will be here for a visit! We are all so excited! This is the first time we have gotten vistors since returning "home" and even thou they are only able to come for a short visit, We can't wait! Seeing them is better than nothing! Here is a preview from October. We stopped to see them when we pcsed here!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Let Summer Begin!

Well it's official! Dave having now graduated from 8th grade, is now a High School er, Broc is a Middle School er, and Heath wellll still only in Elementary School, but they are out of school! * I lay bets on whomever did this schedule has no kids :)
Apparently they begin school here August 12, and that is why we are out so early...
But for the last 4 years, they have gone until June 17!! Needless to say, Summer has begun in The Cooper House!

Mall Adventure...

I actually took this photo when we first moved here, before any of my kids really knew what these were, or liked them. Last night, the kids and I were eating at the food court in the mall, They were so excited to see these on the ceiling! "Mom look it's our balloons!!" is all the girls kept telling me! My reply over and over was "Yes I see..." Never mind how exciting the "Escalator Ride" is... I am so glad that they have all had the advantage to live in Europe, because that is not an everyday thing... but then I wonder what have we taken from them??

They were just as excited to be in a mall! All 6 of them that is... I laughed because a Mall is not something you would expect a child to be so excited over, and of course people in the mall are great as well! Thank Goodness the girls are well behaved for the most part, because they bring attention to themselves... I kept thinking well at least they are staring because there are 3, not because they are throwing fits! Wouldn't that be fun in public! I had four parents separately approach me and say "Did you come ALONE?? With All those kids!?" I chuckled and said "Yeah" but I thought, I wonder what people really think to see us together with all of them, much less alone. I know we are not the only people to have "that many kids" but you have to admit it looks and is different because we do have 3 of the same. Can I just take this time to say my boys deserve some props! They have learned to just help me without me even asking when we are somewhere like that... With so many people who are stopping and starring! :)

When we got in the van (I am so glad Dave was there, I have no idea how to do the girls strollers, nice huh!) Dave was like "Man, Mom when I get married I hope I have twins!" As I cough on my water, I said "What, Why?" He was like because "It's so cool to do the girls, One would not be as fun" I said "One at a time is great Dave...The girls are awesome for us but they are lots of work" He said "I guess they can be, but they are fun mom" I told all the boys that I know they will be good dad's when they are in their 30's :) Because they are such great helpers with the girls! I am really hoping this teaches them to help their wives do their own kids!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Heath's Birthday Party...

Heath had his birthday party on Saturday, needless to say I am usually so good about posting, but am alittle behind this time :) He had a great time... After his party he had a friend stay the night and then they went to an Arena Football with Kevin and the boys!

Heath with a couple of his friends

Kevin and Boys Playing Ball!

Eating Cake and Ice Cream

Playing ball outside waiting for the parents

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our favorite thing about New Mexico...

So far the thing all 8 of us really likes about New Mexico is The Hot Air Balloons! This was taken at 7:10 A.M. on a Tuesday mind you .... They are so cool to wake up to, but makes Kevin and I chuckle, that this is what they do before work!??! We get such a great view, and if any one of us sees them out the windows or off the deck, All 8 of us ends up out there checking it out!
Our other 2 favorites that rank up there is the sky and the mountains! I wish you were all here to see our views! Feel free to visit anytime to check them out for yourselves! :0)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Boys School Photos


8th Grade


5th Grade


2nd Grade

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Heath!

Today is Heath's 8th Birthday! He was so excited this morning leaving for school. He took his speciality made cookies to school, opened a few gifts from family, Kevin and I. His party is on Saturday! He invited all the boys in his class.... and for now that is about it!
*This is the Heath, Ohio stuff from Uncle Dave. Heath was thrilled that there is a "heath, ohio" We got him the glove and ball, he loves baseball and needed new gear. He wore his new camouflage Nikes from Nana and Papa, His Tony Hawk Hat from The Clays, and new camouflage belt from Us to School!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Where's Dave??

I keep getting emails or calls "hey, where's dave been.." or "how come there are no new updates on david?" So of course I felt bad, I even told him last night "Dave, I have to post you on our family blog people are wondering where you are, if you are still alive!" His response was "Post the photo of me on the wall" I said "It's already on there Dave!!" (*the photo on the wall, is his profile image down the side) So last night while he was... Being David! I grabbed my camera and took this! This is what my son does all the time! Text and listen to his Ipod!
Look how long he is getting! I couldn't even fit him all the way in the photo! I have to tell you, it breaks my heart alittle.... He is suppose to be my baby, Not 6 feet tall, shaving, girlfriends, so on and so forth!!

"Its so easy to compare ourselves and our families to some fictional expectation. Its much harder to listen to God's urgings and be content with how He wants us to be." Carla~
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