Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mall Adventure...

I actually took this photo when we first moved here, before any of my kids really knew what these were, or liked them. Last night, the kids and I were eating at the food court in the mall, They were so excited to see these on the ceiling! "Mom look it's our balloons!!" is all the girls kept telling me! My reply over and over was "Yes I see..." Never mind how exciting the "Escalator Ride" is... I am so glad that they have all had the advantage to live in Europe, because that is not an everyday thing... but then I wonder what have we taken from them??

They were just as excited to be in a mall! All 6 of them that is... I laughed because a Mall is not something you would expect a child to be so excited over, and of course people in the mall are great as well! Thank Goodness the girls are well behaved for the most part, because they bring attention to themselves... I kept thinking well at least they are staring because there are 3, not because they are throwing fits! Wouldn't that be fun in public! I had four parents separately approach me and say "Did you come ALONE?? With All those kids!?" I chuckled and said "Yeah" but I thought, I wonder what people really think to see us together with all of them, much less alone. I know we are not the only people to have "that many kids" but you have to admit it looks and is different because we do have 3 of the same. Can I just take this time to say my boys deserve some props! They have learned to just help me without me even asking when we are somewhere like that... With so many people who are stopping and starring! :)

When we got in the van (I am so glad Dave was there, I have no idea how to do the girls strollers, nice huh!) Dave was like "Man, Mom when I get married I hope I have twins!" As I cough on my water, I said "What, Why?" He was like because "It's so cool to do the girls, One would not be as fun" I said "One at a time is great Dave...The girls are awesome for us but they are lots of work" He said "I guess they can be, but they are fun mom" I told all the boys that I know they will be good dad's when they are in their 30's :) Because they are such great helpers with the girls! I am really hoping this teaches them to help their wives do their own kids!


"Its so easy to compare ourselves and our families to some fictional expectation. Its much harder to listen to God's urgings and be content with how He wants us to be." Carla~
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