Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Dollhouse!

About 6 months before we left Germany, Auntie Kim came to the door and said "Jody, there is a huge doll house out here, let's go get it for the girls!" So we did! Someone was moving and throwing away this huge, cute doll house! We really had no room for it at the time so it sat on our balcony. When we came to NM, it stayed outside again, and they played with it, but it was cold so they would only go for alittle bit and then come in. Mind you this whole time Kevin has wanted to get rid of it, and I kept telling him "No, one day I will have a huge spot they will be able to play with it!" Plus, can you imagine what a new one will cost, when I can fix this one up! It's big enough for all 3 of them to play at! That in itself is Huge! Well yesterday was clean out the garage day...Oh My!! Kevin and the girls decided to bring in the Fisher Price Picnic Table and this Kick Butt Dollhouse! So I had him bring them to my tub, it was the only place big enough I could think of to Scrub them off at! They were both really nasty and dirty, and the dollhouse had been colored on by the previous owner. It took me about a good hour to really scrub, clean, and magic eraser both items, but when they were done, it was so worth it! We took both to the game room, and the girls and I went to find their Princess rug, and we sat it all up! They are loving it so far, now all we need is some dollhouse toys to go in it! :)

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Nelson Family of 7 said...

Too cool Jody! That Doll House is awesome! Some times it amazed me at the things people would throw away in Germany!

Norma said...

Hi Jody, I ditto what the Nelson famly said about what people throw away in Germany! It's dumpster diving heaven for so many people... I love the girls dollhouse. Wow I wished I had one when I was a young. Your a great Mom for never giving up such a great find!!!! You go girl. there are time's when it's okay not to mind our Husband and do what we see is best. Ha
And thanks for always posting great comments on my Blog it's always nice to read them. and about Pictures in May.. I'm ready to snap away.. and Auntie Norma is ready to babysit the kiddies so you and the hubby could have a fun day and night out on the California town... (Really! I'm not kidding.)

Marie said...

Wow it looks brand new! Every girl needs a cool doll house! At least this one is big enough you don't have to have three!

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