Monday, March 21, 2011


We spent our first 3 days in California, at DisneyLand!! The boys (who have been to additional Disney Parks) were alittle bored the first day, but they liked California Adventure Island alot better... the triplets, well they loved all of it, because they are 6! :) We had a great time, and enjoyed our family time so much!

This is the first 2 days we had met the princess....all of them but belle, who just happens to be Aspen's favorite! they loved "learning the disney princess dance" boat ride, walking thru tinkerbells house, so on and so forth!
When we finalized plans, I made the decision the ladies were going to the Disney Princess Breakfast! Yes it was pricy, so only the 4 of us ladies went, but worth every penny! When you are 6, and a girl, you love the princess! We finally met belle, and this alone was worth it!
Belle is Aspen's, Sleeping Beauty is Payton's and Cinderella is Trinity's Princess!


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Leslie said...

Looks like a blast!!! love the girls in their princess dresses!!!!!!!!!!! I hope to take my boys there some day!!!! especially seeing I grew up down there!!

"Its so easy to compare ourselves and our families to some fictional expectation. Its much harder to listen to God's urgings and be content with how He wants us to be." Carla~
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