Thursday, December 17, 2009

Broc's "Party"

Broc decided he would rather have the presents at 13, rather than a party. So that's what we did. Broc also does not care for cake, honest he never has... so we usually let him pick what we are putting his candles in, and every year he and kevin are more creative! This year Broc chose his cheeseburgers... the pictures of him opening his presents are Broc pretending to be surprised... The ladies helped me wrap his gifts and when he walked in from school, told him what they were. He asked for a psp game, An AirSoft Gun, with ammo, and the protective eye wear that goes with it (the cool helmet) this is an expensive hobby, and one i am not overly thrilled with.. but he seems to be pretty responsible for now, and knows what will happen if he is not! :) He also got 100.00 in between Godmother, and Grandparents, Nana and Papa got him a nice watch. Then after we ate, open presents, and sang. Broc and I went and spent his money, it must have been buring a hole in his pocket! :)

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Leslie said...

OH Awesome!! I love the candles in cheese burgers!!!!!!!!!!! LOL too funny!!!! he scored for his birthday presents!!! my boys have those air soft guns too!! ARGH!!! boys and guns!!! LOL sure looks like he had a great birthday!!!! happy belated birthday Broc!! :)

Hanes/Baca~BradyBunch said...

Happy Birthday Broc! I cannot believe you are already a teenager.

Maggie said...

LOVING the cheeseburger w/ candles!!! Cracks me up!!! Hope he had a fabulous birthday, even though I'm a little late.

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