Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fun at the mall

The ladies have had a very hard time missing daddy :( They have never been this long without either daddy or i, and were not old enough last time daddy left. On Tuesday night, when going to bed, they had a huge sobbing (not a fit) breakdown. They were so upset, and wanted to know when he would be home. So the fix was for mommy to take them to the mall! Worked like a charm



Leslie said...

Cute pictures!!!!! The mall always fixes us girls right up doesn't it!? :) sorry to hear they are having a hard time without daddy! let's hope it goes by fast for everyone!! hope you are doing okay also! :)

Maggie said...

Oh Jody... I know it must be so hard for them!! It's probably good they are girls, so you can cheer them up by taking them shopping, haha Heck, that would cheer me up too!! =)

What fun pictures. They will cherise those forever. I love taking those both shots. They are so fun!!

BTW, I love the sand pictures you have in your header and on the sides of the kids. The sky is so blue and the sand is so white. What a beautiful place. I bet Jeramy and Josh would LOVE it. Was it hot there, on the sand?

Hope the girls (and boys) are doing OK... and GODSPEED their Daddy coming home!!! =)

Maggie said...

I meant "booth" shots, not "both" shots, haha

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