Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shopping "Field" Trip

Seems how they had to be homeschooled for preschool... well we don't do things in a normal manner (which is why home schooling parents get all my props) :) So after their speech appts we went to get our hands and toes done, bought magnifine glasses, bought colored flip flops, and rested on the swings in the garden center...I am glad the girls will let me take their pictures doing random things, the boys would never go for it! :)

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Leslie said...

AH! love these pictures! :) man I need a girl! to do these fun things with girls!!!! :) they look sooo cute and look like they were sure enjoying themselves :)

Maggie said...

What a super FUN day!!! I love mani's and pedi's!!! I bet they enjoyed that SO much!!

Yes, I know what you mean by the boys not letting you take pictures of them doing random things. Josh is the SAME way. I feel like I only ever talk/post about Jonah, but that's cuz he's the only one that will let me take his pics, haha I told Josh the last time we went to Silver Dollar City, that he HAD to smile and expect me to take lots of pictures!! And he growled a few times, and gave me straight looking 'mad' faced smiles, but all in all, I got a few GOOD smiles out of him. Whew, that takes ALOT of work, haha He looks mad in some of them, but I was like, whatever, I'm posting them anyway, haha BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!

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