Thursday, August 20, 2009

Team Coopers First Day Of School!

We were suppose to begin on Monday, then it changed to Wed, until finally today they started. Why? The three boys are going to brand new schools that no kidding people are lying to get their kids into, so they had to do residence checks. We got a call late last night telling us Dave has a schedule change due to over crowding and too many kids at the school! Oh My!

Never the less Dave is now a Sophmore in High School! Broc is now a 7th grader, second year in Middle School. Heath is now a 4th grader, in intermediate school. All 3 boys were ready to go back to school this year. They missed their friends so they are pretty excited. They all have quite a heavy load this year, which worries me alittle bit, but i am sure they will be fine.

The Triplets are going to be homeschooled for preschool, at least for now... I am not overly thrilled as I am a huge advocate for preschool, but we can't afford the prices x3! We set up a little section for them in my office that will be for school only. I plan for now to do shapes, colors, letters, numbers, and their names daily. I will have to dig for the creative side of me !


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The Kehborn Family said...

Oh my girl they are so big and handsome wow and good luck with the girls my hand is out to you go mom!!!

Hanes/Baca~BradyBunch said...

I am always thankful when school starts again - the kids usually are more than ready to go back too. We start next Wednesday. Good luck to them on their first day back!

Leslie said...

WOW that is just crazy about the school change!!! my boys go to what is called a Charter school, it is a public school still not private but you do have to still wear uniforms, we took them out of the local public school 4 years ago!!!! I hated it, with Charter schools you have to be put on a waiting list also, you don't just automatically get in. They have a much better teaching program then the "normal" schools and only 22 students to a class, not 34 plus like at our other schools. Any how, those pictures are great and that is great that you have the patience and knowledge to homeschool the girls, I am not a big fan of homeschooling either but you have to do what you have to do and what is best for your girls and family!!! :) hope the boys had a good day!!

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