Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas Session 2009

Sooo I gave in at the request of my grandmother and took Team Cooper to sears... I love the 6 of them together, the rest I am ok with they are just different than my style, but different is good right :)

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Leslie said...

I think they turned out cute, I do think when you take the pictures they come out better but the girls look sooooo precious!!! and the boys look so grown up and such protectors over those sweet girls! :)

Cori said...

Jody they turned out really, really nice. Have you decided which ones to use for your Christmas Card? I like them all. I think I like the blue backround one of the 6 of them the best. Love The Pearson's

Maggie said...

They are so good, Jody! I am with you, I LOVE your style, but these are nice, too! The one of them all together is my favorite. They are all growing up so fast!! =)

Nelson Family of 7 said...

Cute pictures and it looks like the girls had fun at their party! I absolutely LOVE the cakes!

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