Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trinity looses her first tooth!

Trinity barely 5, said to us the other day that something was wrong with her teeth, wellll sure enough she had a loose tooth! Today it was hanging and we tried so hard to wait for daddy to get here and pull it for her, but she couldn't wait, so Day Day came to the rescue and pulled it for her! She and the other girls were a tad traumatized at first but then she was excited, Dave told her the first tooth gets $5.00 whole bucks! Tooth Fairy will be visting tonight!



Nelson Family of 7 said...

WOW-$5! Your tooth fairy is generous! My kids so far have lost their teeth late. Justice is 6 1/2 and still hasn't lost a tooth but Adrianna is getting ready to lose another one!

Leslie said...

That is always so exciting when they lose their first tooth! my first two boys were sooooo excited!!! how fun for her!! I bet the other girls can't wait now to lose one! :) she looks so cute! :)

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