Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Countdown in On...

They are so excited this year for their birthday! Payton Rayne in Pink, 3 pounds, Trinity Jo in Purple, 3 1/2 pounds, and Aspen Danelle in Yellow, 4 pounds!



Leslie said...

OH MY GOSH Jody!! sooooooo dang adorable!!! I will take all three of them please! :) LOL I am sure it makes you sad to see your babies are getting older and to look back at the newborn years! does for me! with my boys. I just love this picture!!! :)

Cori said...

I still have this photo in my wallet from when they were born! I will try to finish getting the girls their bday gifts and have Chris mail them on Friday with our plaques so they have thier gifts from us for thier birthdays. Love ya Aunt Cori

"Its so easy to compare ourselves and our families to some fictional expectation. Its much harder to listen to God's urgings and be content with how He wants us to be." Carla~
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