Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Heath's New Room!

We did Heath's room last night! He was very excited to get his stuff done and on the walls! Kevin is suppose to bring him some netting from work, to match his Camouflage theme! The Images from top to bottom are as follows:
Walking into Heath's room from the top of the stairs, The four walls right to left, and then the Patriots sign above the door is leaving his room. He would like a FatHead, but I told him we have to wait until Christmas for big things! :)
The two big walls (white one) is all his sports! Man they fill a wall! and the Green one is Super Heroes he has met! So it's very big boy Marvel not babyish at all! :)

Click on grid to see the Images


Marie said...

The boys love it Heath! Tyler's now thinking we need to paint his room, but you know I am not up for that considering we have less than a year to go here. You guys did a great job!

Cori said...

Tell Heath, that Ethan and Elijah love his room. Ethan remembers that he and Broc had that same blue shirt! It looks super nice.
Love The Pearson's

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