Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last Day Of School!?

You read that right, it is already the last day of school! We are soooo not used to being done only half way through May, but well here it is anyhow :) Dave is officially a Sophomore, Broc a 7th Grader, and Heath a 4th grader..... can you believe it? It breaks my heart actually!


Leslie said...

WOW that is early! my boys get out next Friday and that is early for me! growing up in Southern Calif. I always got in June, so anything earlier is early to me!! hope they have a fun summer!! :)

Nelson Family of 7 said...

Hope they enjoyed their last day of school! I still can't believe that Michael will be in 5th next year, then Adrianna in 3rd and Justice in 1st! Still have a few years before the twins go to school since they changed the cut off dates here to Sept 1st and their birthday is the 15th! Oh well-I get to enjoy having them around a little longer for the whole day! They will start now in Aug of 2011 for Pre-k

Maggie said...

That is crazy that school is already out for your kids!! We have 2 weeks left. Booooo! =)

I'm looking forward to it actually. I am quite tired of being in the 7th grade. =) Josh is going to spend some time with his Dad this summer. Hard to believe he'll be gone in 2 weeks for 10 whole weeks. He will come back to visit every third weekend or so, but still that's a long time to be away from home! His Dad lives about an hour south of us. So not too far.

Are your kids loving being out of school already?! I so would be. I remember loving the summer off school when I was a kid.

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