Thursday, May 28, 2009

Project for Dad (dy)

For Fathers Day I really wanted to get Kevin something he would like. He can be hard to shop for, when I saw this shirt, i said to him "Will you wear that, or even like it?" He was like yes, but i want all 6 kids on there... mind you the example for the shirt had 2 hands on it! ummmm yeah, so I had a bit of a challenge, and while it's not perfect, I think he will like it. Dave's hand as you can see is bigger than the plate so I ran out of blue paint by the time i got to Heath. I may end up getting fabric paint and filling Heath's hand in alittle better but all in all, the kids had fun and even the boys didn't grip like I thought they would about doing it! :)

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Leslie said...

OH how neat is that??!! that is sooo cute and cool!!! so if he reads your blog he will know what he's getting?? LOL let's hope he doesn't read it unless he already knows. I just love it!! OH and I love the background! cute:) thanks about mine!

Nelson Family of 7 said...

Very cool-like I said before! You are always picking unique, cool gifts!

Marie said...

That is a nice idea, although Zach would NEVER wear it. I was shocked the day he wore the world's greatest dad shirt that he got for Christmas! Of course he stayed home, but wore it. I am trying to figure out Father's day. I got really jipped for Mother's day so am dragging my feet about being nice to Zach.

Katie&Ella said...


Maggie said...

That is a very cool present!!! Oh yeah, I'm with Leslie - what if he reads your blog before Father's Day?! =)

He is going to LOVE it, Jody!!

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