Saturday, June 20, 2009

Team Cooper makes Lackland AFB News Paper!

I took this collage from My cousins blog, as we do not have the paper yet, but seems how we had to stay in Texas for an extra day, we decided to go to the base pool, while there the newspaper photographer was there and wanted to put us in the paper. I personally think he took better shots than what is shown, but oh well, this is the one they used! :)


Leslie said...

YES, YES!!! it's been driving me crazy but that was the base I have been too in Texas, Lackland, where my ex boyfriend had graduated from basic training MANY years ago!! I have also been to the airforce base in Greatfalls Montana, is it Malmstrom? Can't remember. I love that you guys were in their paper!!! the pictures look good I think, remember: the photographer is NOT you!!! LOL

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