Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vacation on this economy?

I know I would be asking the same question how does such a big family go on vacation in these economic times? (by the way this does not offend me at all, I LOVE a deal) We haven't been on vacation as a family for a couple of years now so we thought it was high time, if at all possible to do so this year! We had a couple of places in mind, but the good ol air force tends to help us make other plans. Then to be honest we used more money from our income taxes then we originally wanted to for bills and necessities so it came down to ok where can we somewhat go on a budget? Right about that time, Cori called me and said come to Texas... um 12 hours away 6 kids, not so appealing. But then we added what the amount of hotels alone would save us... and Cori called and said guess what? They had gotten season passes to BOTH Sea World and Six Flags. Well, there are certain weeks for both places where we could go with them to each place for FREE! I added up these costs as well, it was a savings of almost $900.00 altogether! There were bonus as well to Texas, My brother lives there, so on and so forth. So after Kevin was finally approved to do so, we decided Texas it was for this years Team Cooper Vacation! We had a great time, and would love to do a yearly trip, but can not hold our breathe. *I should also note this is why I choose to work on vacation, I did a family session and a wedding! This way, I was helping us pay for vacation as we went :)
These shots are from Sea World... it was HOT but we had tons of fun!
These are just a bunch of random images i wanted to share... of all 6 or even all 10. The pool, the beach, amusement parks, were some of the great things we got to do!
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Cori said...

we had a blast too! we are so glad you guys came and we got to do so many fun things together and at such a low cost. We miss you all already and if you can't come back in August maybe its time that we made the trip and come there! The kids are already talking and making plans mind you! Thanks for coming and I hope you all had a good time here in Texas!
The Pearson's

Nelson Family of 7 said...

That is the way to do it Jody! That is the only reason that we get to go to Disney this year. They are doing those passes for the military and family and then the whole get in free on your birthday deal this year--hello three on one day! Plus add in the fact that they are doing the free meal plan in September as long as you stay at one of their resorts and we saved TONS of money! Living not that far away and having a sister that is just two hours away from there helps too! Glad that you guys were able to have so much fun and see family. Please be praying that Jon gets to go with us on our trip! We won't know for a while if he can or not!

Ali said...

Looks like fun! Hubby would love to go to San Antonio again since his only time there was when he was at Lackland--and he didn't exactly have fun:)

Anonymous said...

Looks like the family had a fun time. The kids are growing so much. Poor Dylan's bday is during our move so told him since we will be there the weekend after and of course its the 4th of July that he could make our plans. So he has been researching the area and looks like we are going to Destin!!!! We are excited about moving and to all places, FLORIDA!!!!! So you now have another place you can come and visit. We are about 5 hours from Disney which is where we are hoping to go in September when Chris gets to come home for a break from Korea. Like the new background on your page.... I guess I need to go surfing for a new page now, lol. Tell everyone hello from us and miss you guys.

Maggie said...

I love all the pictures, Jody - and really loved travelling with you along the way through Facebook!! =)

I'm sure the kids had a fabulous time - there is SO much to do in TX, heat or no heat, it is a blast down there!!! =)

So what happened on your way home? You said you had some unexpected things come up? Is everything OK?

Leslie said...

I am so glad that you explained how you guys were able to go on Vacation!! because we have not gone on one in 3 years!!!! it has been soooooo hard these last few years on us just trying to keep our house and keep our cars!! we want a vacatoin sooo bad but looks like we may not get one this summer either :( I guess life just sucks huh? for some of us! LOL I am sooooo very glad for you guys that you got to go somewhere fun and save sooooooooo much money!!!!! how awesome is that?!! I take it back my in laws do want us to come visit them this Thanksgiving in Airizona and they will pay for our gas, it's a 10 hour drive from Utah!!!!!!!!!!! :( not fun with 4 kids!! and they would all be sharing a room at their house so most likly it will be pure HELL but at this rate we may just have to go!! LOL we have not been to visit them in almost 5 years due to finances and they keep giving us HELL for it!! :( so sounds like if we don't go they will disown us! LOL
I love your pictures!!! looks like everyone had a great time!!!! I am soooooo very happy again for you guys that you were able to go on vacation!!!!!

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