Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dolphin Feeding at Sea World

We have been to Sea World a couple of times, but this was the girls first time, and all of our first time feeding the dolphins. We got to Sea World, and were all alittle grumpy..... it was hot, all 14 of us wanted to do different things, I didn't want to waste all day at the wave pool, when I knew we can't come back anytime soon and there is so much to do! So at first, noone was interested in feeding the dolphins... but once we began watching everyone else, Oh then everyone wanted to! What an Awesome experience! Kevin even enjoyed himself! (he's kinda grumpy in general when doing things) the boys fed and petted them, but the girls couldn't reach so they got to feed them! We all had lots of fun, and after that, were all in a better mood!

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Leslie said...

OH! how cute those are!!!!!! how cool to be able to feed them! my boys would have loved that!!!! my husband get's cranky too!!! that is great that it ended with everyone in a good mood!!! man, those are just so cute!! I want one!! LOL :)

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