Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Baby Driving..

Look at Dave drive... He is doing very well, working towards getting his license in January. Every time he goes out he gets better!


Cori said...

Hard to believe we are old enough to see this day come already! Tell David I love him and be safe! Oh man, flash backs to when I got my license and all the crazy things I did when I was out away from my parents! Scary. Love ya David,
Aunt Cori

Nelson Family of 7 said...

Wow-almost there now! They grow way to fast!

Maggie said...

He reminds me so much of Josh... his grandpa on his Dad's side has been taking him to practice driving. I was like, "WHAT?!" LOL He'll be 15 in Feb, so he thinks it's time for his learner's permit. I told him he has a couple of years yet. I didn't have my license until I was 18... didn't have a need for it until then, really. There wasn't a 'status' associtated with one back then!! =) Now, you're too cool for school if you've got one, haha

Leslie said...

AH!!!! scary!!! LOL man when my oldest gets to where he can drive I will just die!!!!!!!!!! where does the time go I am sure you are thinking that just as much as I do. What a HUGE help he will be for you though once he does get his license.
Check your facebook messages I sent you an e mail asking you to help me with something. Thanks! :)

Marie said...

I don't know what is scarrier, one old enough to drive or the fact he is in your extremely nice van practicing! I didn't get to learn to drive until I had saved for my $600 beater car and learned in it! And I was NEVER allowed to borrow my parents cars even though they were just as bad as my beater!

"Its so easy to compare ourselves and our families to some fictional expectation. Its much harder to listen to God's urgings and be content with how He wants us to be." Carla~
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