Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Freshman Year; Second Half!

Wellll let me give you the background. When we moved here they told us Dave had too many credits, that he would only need 4 classes. I want you to know I argued this until I was blue in the face, but oh no Mrs. Cooper, we are sure.... Then we moved to a new school district, so on and so forth, at the end of Dave's Freshman year, we got a letter in the mail stating that as of right now, he was still a Freshman because he was 1 full credit short! Ohhhhh I hit the roof! I was like you have got to be kidding me! Kevin and I fought this tooth and nail, but when we realized it was going to do no good, we decided to use it as a learning lesson. Dave is very smart, but even at his own admittance, lazy, so we thought welllll... This of course back fired, he ended up taking classes, he has already taken but because they were called something different here than in Europe, he showed no credit, for those.... Anyhow, today was his last day, he came home all proud because he had gotten and A and high B. :) and is now officially a Sophomore! I don't know that he learned a lesson, but at least he was a good sport about it!
I have never seen a Summer School report card, so just in case you haven't seen one either :)


Leslie said...

WOW how frustrating!!!!!!!!! I don't blame you guys one bit!!!!! but how cool that he was such a good sport about having to take the same classes again during the summer!!!!!!!!!! that is great that he got such great grades!!!!!Congrats Dave!!!!!! :)

Cori said...

Oh my godson!!! I so love ya! I glad you are now offically a sophomore in High School! Great Grades by the way! Did you know any of those answers on that test???? Aunt Cori

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