Friday, July 31, 2009

Kevin's 18 Year Anniversary!

Today is Kevin's 18 Year Anniversary for serving his country in the United States Air Force! Now, I know that I am biased... but I am not the only one who loves how he does his job! When we go somewhere, his troops come right up to him and tell him they miss him, ask him when he is coming back to be their Flight Chief. Why? Because he takes his job as a NCO very serious. Kevin loves his Airman he feels if no one goes to bat for them, where is the morale! Kevin is very old school in how he thinks especially at work, but I burst with pride when we attend a function and the Airman clap for him, just upon him walking into a room. Kevin does not come home for me, he does not take time off, he is dedicated to his job and takes it seriously. This does tend to change Team Cooper plans often, but I feel like I knew that when I became an Air Force Wife! I was hired to do a function last week, and while we were there a Colonel, a Chief and Lt. Colonel said to me "We are very proud of Tsgt. Cooper, he is the best of the best"... yeahhh I am that proud Air Force Wife!


Noah's Mommy said...

Happy Anniversary...!!!

Leslie said...

Happy Ann!! that is awesome!!!!!! love the pictures!!! :) Thanks for all your hard work and for serving our country Tsgt. Cooper!!!!!! :)

Marie said...

Congrats on 18 years! Time goes by faster than you think.

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