Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Ladies Big Girl Beds...

When we pcsed from Germany to New Mexico the movers lost Aspen's bed screws, then when we moved from the first house to this house, Kevin and his troops (aka our movers) lost the screws to Payton's bed! Needless to say the ladies have been in dire need of new beds! So Kevin and I began searching everywhere on line for beds.... Ok, I don't like to think I am cheap, but I can't afford $80.00 beds for One 4 year old, much less 3! I almost choked when seeing prices. Then my friend Stephanie got on line for me, found me a great deal at Toys R Us, and even which store had 3 beds. They were "on sale" for $67.00 each still not my ideal price, but trust me we looked everywhere. When we went to check out the lady told us that Toys R Us gives a multiples discount! Woo Hoo! How come I didn't know that?? :) So we got the beds for only $57.00 each~ The Triplets love them and of course all girls will know their favorite part of the bed is of course the canopy on top!

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Norma said...

JODY! First of all, " I can't believe you did not know Toys r us gives multiple discount!" I've always know..
Second of all, Awww the ladies beds are so cute they must feel like the most beautiful princess in the land. Gosh make's me want to sleep in a bed like that.
Great Job Ms. Jody. and tell Carlos he did an awesome job putting them together.

Thanks for posting!!!!!

Maggie said...

Those are AWESOME, Jody!!! =) We have been in search of a new 'race car' (shaped like a car) bed for Jonah. So, yeah, I know exactly what you mean about the prices. The least expensive one we can find is about 300 bucks!! Needless to say, we are going to wait for a while before we make that decision.

I love their beds... I bet they all feel like princesses sleeping in those. And all side by side, oh so cute!! =)

Leslie said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! so flipping adorable!!!!!!!! I love their new beds!!!!! and you scored on that price!!!!! We are going to be moving our 27 month old into his big boy bed here soon! I know I keep saying that but we will. lol just had to get past last night with grandma and grandpa babysitting all night, didn't need anything new like that for them to have to deal with.
I remember I had a sky blue canapy bed like that when I was just a bit older then them and loved it!!!! How fun for them!!!

The Kehborn Family said...

I love these beds! I am so glad I could help and had the time looking for you seeing there are no girls here! I know the girls will love them.

Joan said...

Hi there! I am new to your blog, just found it- very cute! Love it! Gotta add you to my fantastic reads so I can come back and vist!

But I got to say, those beds make was want a girl! I have 2 boys! I have never seem beds like that... Makes me wish I was 4 again =) *sigh*

Cori said...

The beds look very pretty tell the girls and Aunt Cori will send them more Vinyl for thier wall with the Tinker Bell saying on it in purple to match thier beds. Very Cute. Hannah loves thier canopy ofcourse!! Love to you all, The Pearsons

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