Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pretty Grandma and Grandpa Ruiz...

Meet My Paternal Grandparents.... aka Pretty Grandma and Grandpa Ruiz. It is such a blessing to be able to take my kids to see their great grandparents, and watch them interact. The boys of course have known them alot longer, the girls on the other hand have only seen them twice. They were very excited in realizing this was Papa's Mom and Dad! The girls have a list of who they love, and Papa and Nana top that list! :) so to meet his parents was very neat! Dave and Broc are now both taller than both G and G, Heath was even getting there. My Grandma kept telling me she can't get over how big they are! The girls went back and forth giving them kisses and hugs, but I think they love to say "pretty" grandma. I guess because they are girls and so pretty is such a girly word! Heath has learned the National Anthem in Spanish and was able to recite it to my grandparents, I think that is so cool! I plan to take "official" pictures of them with my kids this summer when it's warmer and we can go outside!


Leslie said...

OH such good and cute pictures!!! how cool for the kids to have those pictures taken with them!! such great memories!!!!

The Kehborn Family said...

Hey woman those are some really great pictures! I always love to see pictures of kids with their great grandparents that is something so many people don't get to have! Time with the great grandparents how lucky our kids are to have that! So glad yall had such a good time and love all the pics.

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