Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Ladies Heart Appts.

Yesterday the girls had their heart appointments with the new Pediatric Cardiologist. What a huge difference and a nicer experience all the way around. I am not sure if he was just a nicer man in general or if what they say is true, but he is an Identical Twin, and I think it may have made a difference even if only alittle one :) He was very kind and patient with the girls, to the point where Payton only shed a few tears and not until the end. This is a huge improvement for her! She is scared to death of doctors (for good reason)
Trinity is doing good, her piece is working great as ever, she is keeping right up with if not surpassing Ms. Aspen! :) He was very happy with her, her results and how she is doing all the way around. He does agree with the Peds back in Germany and says that Trinity and Aspen are defiantly the gagging tool as to knowing if something is off with any of the 3 of them.
Payton is doing well, her piece is still not in all the way but he says at this point even thou it is not in ideally, it seems to be working for. He does think she will have to have it repaired later on down the road, and was not happy when he found out her heart rate was so fast especially when she is sick.
He was good about letting us know that there is nothing too little or big to call him for, he made it very clear he wants to know if something is off with them, especially Payton. I guess overall he just gave both Kevin and I a huge comfort. He made reference quite a few times that he thinks we and others easily forget that while they appear normal on the outside, with or without holes in their hearts, they are not normal, and to an extent can not be treated as such. Ooppsss! I think even as their parents, we don't want to baby them but he is right there are some things about them that we can't treat them like every other 4 year old. He was a very kind man, and is going to run tests on Payton, he is thinking of putting her back on the heart box, but for now, Kevin and I felt as thou she is doing alot better. Neither of them "has" to be seen for a year, so that is great news! I want to say Thank You for all the prayers! It is a huge relief if not a wake up call to have a Pediatric Cardiologist who is so caring for them! I am so relieved T is healed and even though Ms. Thing (aka payton) isn't yet, I know she will be... in His time.
*This strip of images was taken at the Mall in Cheyenne from one of those booths! :) I left all 4 images even of Kevin's arm because I thought you all may get a kick out of it!


Leslie said...

OH that is such good news!!!!!! I am sooo glad that you and them like this new doc. better!! makes such a difference all the way around!!! I love the picture of them!!! and I love the background of the blog, so cute!! =) I am just thrilled that they are doing so great!!! =)

Nelson Family of 7 said...

Jody I wish I could just give you a big hug! I know you guys have gone through so much with the girls and I am so thrilled that they are doing well and I pray that Payton's heart heals completely!!! I know how scary it is to worry about them! I love the pictures!

Maggie said...

Jody, that is GREAT news!!! I am so glad that you guys found comfort in the new doctor and the girls seemed to be more comfortable with him. That makes such a huge difference, you are so right!! And I'm so glad that he made you guys feel good about contacting him anytime, and pointed out that any little thing out of the ordinary is important!! That is SO great of him!! Praise God the girls are doing so well, and I'm still praying that Payton will make a full recovery and that all three girls will be healthy and happy long term!! =)

Love you, girl!!!

"Its so easy to compare ourselves and our families to some fictional expectation. Its much harder to listen to God's urgings and be content with how He wants us to be." Carla~
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