Monday, February 2, 2009

We are soooo disappointed!

I must start this with a huge thank you! The emails, calls and wondering what We are doing for the Superbowl is so Awesome, as thou you all know that is why we are called Team Cooper! :)
Yeahhhhh so we were going for the Cardinals, all of us but Heath (he has friends for the Steelers so he wanted to cheer for them) We were going to have a Team Cooper Superbowl party, and that didn't pan out, and then we thought about going to church, but then thought twice (there was nothing for the girls to do literally) so we ended up buying all the great food (junk) you eat for the Superbowl and staying here at our own house! It was a good game, each of us cheering very loudly in my house and so disappointed that they lost! Heath, love him, has let us all know all night that the team he was rooting for won!
At one point even the girls were so excited "Run, Run" because that is what we were yelling at the T.V. Even thou non of "our teams" went and we were just the 8 of us, we had a good night! We love sports, but Football is our favorite... I love to watch all my family together!


Helene said...

Sounds like it was a fun day!!! I have no clue about football so my husband went to his brother's house to watch the game!

BTW, I love the new pic in your header!!!!

Leslie said...

I love the new look to the blog!! sooo cute!! sorry about your team! I didn't watch much of the super bowl so it didn't matter to me who won. So sorry for you though! :(

Nelson Family of 7 said...

Your blog looks great! We watched the Super Bowl but I wasn't really pulling for any team I just wanted to see the commercials that really disappointed me this year! Sorry your team lost!

Leslie said...

Thanks Jody!!! it worked!! man what brain damage!!! LOL that will teach me to not mess around with things if I don't know what it means exactly!!! lol

Maggie said...

LOL, Sounds like an awesome time!!! You aren't going to believe this, but me and Jeramy don't watch much football and we didn't even watch the Super Bowl. The only football we get into is when the Hogs are playing (college). And even then, we don't really watch other college teams, only our Hogs. haha We did log in to see the top 10 commericals that played during the Super Bowl. lol

Sounds like you guys had an awesome time!!

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