Monday, February 23, 2009

Recent Boy Stuff....

Well yet again, I feel the girls have gotten "blog time" but not the boys. (who mind you could care less) but it bothers me.... so the latest with the Team Cooper boys are as follows

Dave, drove about 15 feet from the mail box to the drive way... not too bad for the first time. Kevin plans to take him out to base in a big open area to expand that. He had an eye opening experience on leave, he forgot his phone charger at home so his cell phone died. Ohhhh my I bet he never forgets it again that is after all his life line to his friends.

Broc made the honor roll!! yeah right! too bad he forgot to tell me when the ceremony was so we could attend. He says he didn't know until someone told him his name was in the flyer .... he is doing good and has been at sleepovers quite a bit on the weekends.

Heath is doing good as well. He plays outside all the time on his bike or skateboard. He is getting ready to move to the new school, so he is all excited! (his whole class moves) He is doing really good in school too, and that makes us all happy! :)


Nelson Family of 7 said...

LOL-had to laugh out load about the phone charger!!! Sounds like the boys are doing good.

"Its so easy to compare ourselves and our families to some fictional expectation. Its much harder to listen to God's urgings and be content with how He wants us to be." Carla~
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