Friday, November 28, 2008

For My Aunt Pam....

Seems how none of my family and friends can come to my house and see it all decked out for Christmas, I thought I would share some images with you this way! I love all Holidays, but Christmas is really special to me! From the time I was little until Dave was a year old, My Aunt Pam and Uncle Roger would come to Wy every single year and spend Christmas week with us. When all the adults would sleep in until at least 8, my Aunt Pam would get up with Virgil, Sara and I, She loved to watch us get that first glance of our "Santa Present" and the reaction we had upon seeing it.
My Uncle Roger and my Dad drove to Ft. Collins one year to get Sara her Santa Gift they could find no where else!(Barbie Ice Cream something... I'd have to ask Sara) Things such as these make my Christmas Memories so priceless. Therefore, when I decorate, I go all out! I love it! :) It's like having a face lift for 6 weeks a year! This is something I learned to do from My Mom, and My Aunt Pam!
Back in April of 2005, My Aunt Pam wanted to talk to me about "what would happen when she gone at Christmas" but I couldn't do it, I couldn't bring myself to have that talk with her. I wanted to remember things how they were, there was no need to change them right? In February of 2006, when I saw her again, She wanted to talk and again I was reluctant. Both Kevin and My Mom said "Jody, you might want to hear her out, she wants to tell you something, and if you won't let her, how can she tell you" So I said "Ok, Aunt Pam, let's talk" She told me that she had traditions she knew that I would carry out for her and in memory of her (So my 6 kids would think of her) She told me how she wanted me to inherit her Christmas Decor (except for what she picked for Virgil and Sara to have) but especially her Snow Man Tree! She knew I love snowmen and that it would mean so much to me for the tree to be in my house. She went on to tell me that she would love to know that I was doing themed trees in all the rooms as she once did. We discussed further traditions with other holidays that I would carry on for her, but this was so important to me! The last time I saw her, May 2006 she again told me the rules and traditions :) and I assured her I would do my best to make her proud! She and I had a very special relationship, I miss her so much, especially right now. I know others were given some of her decor, but I am so blessed that she picked me to carry on these traditions..... It is my honor!
I have to say this as well, Kevin is really frugal (CHEAP) and drives me crazy about shopping for things, but he was there when she and I discussed these things and he has gone above and beyond to make sure he lets me do as I want to. He knows it's important to me and why, and that we teach our kids! Sometimes, I love that man!

So beings this is my first year... I set up her white "snowman tree" however, I was not given all the ornaments, so I went back and forth until I decided she would be ok with what I choose, and did Big, Huge Snow Flakes! I thinks she would have loved them! It sits in the "snowman section" of course! :0) Then I did a Family Tree as our main tree. I did a Winter Wonderland Themed tree as well! I am working on the Red Bow Tree (she suggested this once on the phone and I loved it) so for this year I only have 4 themes, but I am working on them! :) I hope you all enjoy all the images of our house this time of year! I wish you could all come here and see them in person!

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LESLIE said...

Oh thanks for the invite Jody!! I wish we could be there in person to!! I love them!!!!!! it all looks soooooooo good!!!! thanks for the cute comments on my blog, yes who knows we just may end up the same back ground for x-mas!!! =) I see a few that I like will have to decide here this weekend to change it. We have great taste!!! hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!! =) Now on to Christmas........!!!! =)

LESLIE said...

Oh ya sooooo glad that Heath liked my boys's hair!!! the fro hawk or mohawks!!! they had fun with it like that!!! thanks!! =)

Cori said...

They look really nice Jody.
Love Cori

Nelson Family of 7 said...

Jody that is so awesome! I love to hear family stories like that! The trees look great-you did an awesome job and I am sure your Aunt Pam would be so proud of you and the decorating!

"Its so easy to compare ourselves and our families to some fictional expectation. Its much harder to listen to God's urgings and be content with how He wants us to be." Carla~
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