Thursday, November 13, 2008

To Second Birthday 2005-2006

The Girls 2nd Birthday!

The girls with Auntie Kim and Uncle Craig

Where to begin this post? I think I will borrow a sentence from Maggie yesterday, God is Good! Yes he is.... The girls being in the NICU at birth for 5 weeks was horrendous, but I am not sure anything could have prepared us for the knowledge that they all 3 have holes in their hearts! What was once thought to have been only T, ended up being all three of them. I do think every family has a testimony, and these girls are "Team Coopers Testimony" I think there is a reason he choose them to appear so healthy on the outside, but not so much on the inside. When the girls were born and the holes were detected we were told they would need surgery to "fix" them when they turned 3-4 years of age. However, my babies hearts couldn't take it anymore, so when they turned 15 months old we were told they needed to have their surgeries then! Well, after tears, and why's up above, We just put it in God's hands. That is all you can do right? We were given the option to allow the German Professors to work on them, or file a penitence to fly to Walter Reed. While I will say the German doctors were actually very kind to the girls, and even at times better with them then our own doctors, the language barrier was too much to take, especially Kevin and I felt on something so important, as their heart.
We were told to leave the boys in Germany and fly to Walter Reed with just the girls, but something (or someone) was telling me not to do it! I had no idea why.... we stayed in D.C. for 5 weeks... what was suppose to have been a week there and back, did not end that way. I am so thankful to this day that Kevin and I are so over protective and said No way... We paid for their tickets out of pocket and I am so grateful we did! They had great teachers who sent their work, and honestly the boys missed way too much school, but we had God on our side, and it all worked out where the boys were concerned. My Mom flew (what would I do without my parents?) again and met us there so she could stay with the boys while the girls were in surgery. The pediatric cardiologist they had in Germany was Dr. Scott, and it just so "happened" that he got stationed at Walter Reed, right when my girls needed surgery! Man God is Good. It was a huge sense of relief that he would be with my girls, the man who had detected the holes to begin with, would be in there with them.
When we got to Walter Reed, we were in the post op, going over each girl, each procedure, doing the eco's and ultrasounds on their tiny hearts. When we got to Aspen, it was gone.... I mean GONE! She had nothing... She was Healed! Why her? and Only her? I have no clue, I know WHO! Just not why... to this day, they still check her with the other two, once a year but she has yet for it to ever come back, instead she has a heart murmur, just like her mama! :) There is a chance it will come back, but it's not up to us, it's all in His hands!
So Trinity and Payton had surgery... it was horrible to see them in so much pain, and not be able to help them. They were and still are terrified of doctors which makes each visit worse, I think. T's surgery went well, her new piece that was placed in her heart appears to be working very well, she is checked every 6 months and so far so good. Her body has excepted the piece and has allowed it to grow with her, as thou it was suppose to be there. There are days we can tell she has over done it, and we have to take her in but for the most part I would say T is 90% healed! Now Ms. Thing (oh I mean Payton) on the other hand... Wellll she's Payton! Her first surgery did not work, in fact her heart ended up being the worse of all 3 girls. The piece was instantly rejected and in fact she had emergency surgery the next day to remove it. So after 5 long weeks, we headed back to Germany, where we watched them both, but especially her like a hawk. The doctors told us that it is not good for them to cry, for when they cry their heart pumps harder, and with the hole it is hurting the other organs in their bodies. What does this add up to?? They are spoiled rotten! And kept that Binky 10 times longer than I would have ever allowed the boys to keep them! But we were truly scared to death!
The time came again where Payton and I only were told we could go back to D.C. they had invented a newer, better piece and she was set to get it. Again being told Leave everyone else there including Kevin and all 5 kids. Are you kidding me? We paid again out of pocket, but God knew he knew I could not be with her worrying and then worry about the other 5 in Germany, Kevin too, he didn't want our daugther having this surgery again without him there. So we were given the opportunity to fly Space A this time, of course with the possibility of only she and I getting on the plane. But it just so "happened" we all got to go yet again! And yet again, we were there this time a month! Payton is not healed to this day, at one time this scared me, ok it still does, but I still think there is a reason. Payton is an additional testimony, for what? I am not sure, but I know she is!
They all 3 have to be on Meds before they can go to the dentist, they can't run fevers, and we have to try our hardest to make sure they don't get sick, especially her, but I know in my heart he has his hand over them. Payton has to be seen more than them, and to be honest she and T are the reason we live here, she has to be within 20 minutes of a Ped. Card. and this happens to be the best hospital. They have an appt. Dec 1 to get checked out, and there are days she does better than others, she will more than likely be the one to have more surgery as she gets older, but for now, we just watch her and pray! :) All 6 of my kids are blessings and one day we will find out why Payton ...... is Payton! :)

Images of the girls in the hospital, along with my Aunt Pam who came to see them both times, I will forever cherish that she got to come be with me and us before she went to join Him in heaven.

Here are some of the other things we did this year. Included are again them with Dr. Fausett and Anna, them with Uncle Craig, with the Awadikimows, and over the summer as they were beginning to heal! The shot of them shoved in the red car was at the commissary in D.C. they had to be in the same one! Mind you they got that Binky more than ever now! :)


LESLIE said...

What a amzing stories!!!!!! I just love your little girls!!!! sooo cute!!!!!! I would KILL for one of them!! =) lol they are truly miracles and your family is sooo very blessed to have them!!!! =)

Maggie said...

That is such a remarkable story, Jody!! What a testimony!! God has worked a miracle in all three of those girls!! I cannot even imagine the months and years of worry that you and your family have had to go through. I know that it is so hard to give everything to the Lords sometimes, especially when you're talking about the lives of your children! But to go through so much and come out on the other side, just looking back and seeing how everything just fell into place - I am in awe of His power. His plan is perfect and everything happens for a reason, for the greater good, for those who love Him. (Romans 8:28)

Good luck on the Dec 1st appt. I will say a prayer for them that all goes well.

You know what? I have that same exact Old Navy shirt with the flag that you are wearing in that picture. hee hee =)

By the way, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your Aunt Pam.

Cori said...

It leaves me in tears again thinking back to when I couldn't get to DC to be with you! I remeber us trying to get me there and it just didn't work out for us but it did work out! I can't wait to see my girls and boys at Thanksgiving! So much to be Thankful for isn't there?!
Love Aunt Cori

"Its so easy to compare ourselves and our families to some fictional expectation. Its much harder to listen to God's urgings and be content with how He wants us to be." Carla~
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