Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Got Triplets?

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The first time I met Dr. Fausett, my phrenologist, I didn't like him... Gasp I know. But you see he is an honest person and he said to me "I will be honest Mrs. Cooper, you are pregnant with Triplets, for now. When you make it to the 18 week point then we can get excited, and name them" I was crushed.... I left there so mad at that man! Kevin said "Jody, he is just doing his job and telling you what can happen" In hindsight he was but when you are in it, I was so upset.
Weekly I went to either Dr. Fausett or Dr. Higgins. Which means I also got to see Kristy and Anna! Anna and I who were once acquaintances, became very good friends! Anna is so Awesome, not only as a person but in God! She said to me all along, "Jody, He gave them to you, He will watch over you and them" I learned to really trust, admire, and respect both men to the utmost! But counted on Dr. Fausett and Anna! I counted on her to guide me through?? Or just have words for me on those days! Dr. Fausett to care for me, and most importantly them! Kevin and I both fully hearted believe that it was all God, and only because of the care I received with these people that I was able to carry them the way I did.
At my 13 week appt. Anna and I got to see what they were... My mom said to me "What is your motherly instinct?" "Two Boys and a Girl" was my answer. The morning of the appt. Kevin said "Jode, it's ok if they are all 3 boys...as long as they all make it and are healthy" I said "I know, but I prayed for at least One girl" As Anna and I sat that morning doing our routinely check up, she said "Well there is one hamburger" a few minutes later, there is 2.... I am now gasping.... there are 3 Jode. I am 80% sure it's 3 girls! No Way! You have to be kidding! I was so excited, but later that day, I was also heart broken. I really did think it would be Chase, Lucas, and Aspen.
As time went on, we shopped for 3, had 2 baby showers, and just prayed all the time, Lord let them be good. When I was about 16 weeks, Anna and Dr. Fausett noticed something was off with Baby B (Trinity's) heart. Oh this scared me to death. So we began 2 times a week appts. Thankfully we lived in Landstuhl and this made a huge difference to us and to Dr. Fausett. We knew she had a hole of some sort in her heart but while in utero she was ok. I cried at this appt. Anna prayed for me and the baby(ies)! I still to this day can not remember what her job title is, but Anna's job is to run the 4D ultrasound machine, she would measure weekly, watch them grow and show me the progress! But I think her title was "Jody's Keeper!" :)
At 23 weeks while Anna was doing her thing, she noticed that there was only one placenta. This means nothing to me, I am so clueless, Anna is ecstatic! She gets Dr. Fausett, who is reserving himself to be happy, and just keeps having Anna show him over and over. He leaves the room thankfully, by this time, Anna knows I am dingy, so I can wait till he leaves to ask her what the excitement is over! She says to me "Jody, this would mean they are Identical!" Um ok... I will be so honest here, I really didn't know they were "rare" all I kept thinking was Sara was right, good then they will all either be ugly together or pretty together! I realize this sounds harsh, but Sara and I are very realistic people! :)
We had by this time named them. We had first gone with A, B, C names as that is what they were called for 8 months right? Aspen Danelle was chosen along time ago, B was Brooke and C was Cadence but then 2 things happened, We already have a "B" name in the family and everyone made fun of Cadence, referring to her as a Cadence call in the AF! I was not doing that to my daughter. So we began searching for other names. Trinity Jo means 3, how fitting and Payton Rayne is just so cool :) So they were labeled A)Aspen B)Trinity C)Payton.
At 28 weeks I am at the BX putting Heath a birthday lay a way on, and notice ok well they are either right on my bladder or I have just wet myself. Nice.... Go to the bathroom, oh no it's not stopping. I don't want to be "that pregnant lady" but in my heart something was off, so I call Dr. Fausett, and tell him, Come see me he says. Sure enough I am admitted from then on, Aspen's water is leaking. Those were the longest 5 weeks for not only me, but my family as well. Kevin had to bring me a bag of socks to fold every couple of nights and I had to label who's clothes were who's! I did all that stuff, Kevin never did, so he honestly had no clue what to do! :)
My mom came over for a week to help him. I missed the boys Halloween, and all the activities at school, this killed me! But I also developed great friendships with different people, and cherish those to this day. My mom flew back home to pick up my dad! On November 13 another doctor said she could see Aspen's head, and that she thought just by looking I was at a 4! So November 15 Dr. Fausett came in told me that tomorrow was the big day!

These are different images through out my pregnancy. Anna and Dr. Fausetts office/room where I went twice a week, there is one of Anna herself, and then me at my baby showers!

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Steve said...

Thanks for sharing these stories. I need to point Judy to them. I am excited for Anna too. She is expecting a boy and sent out that cool testimony.

Cori said...

I love reading this. Its like reliving our daily phone conversations with each other from Germany to Alaska! I remember my 2am wake up call telling me it was triplets and not believing you too! Sorry:) God truly is Great and gave you and Kevin such beatiuful girls, not ugly ones. God I love Sara! She is kinda like me, lay's it all out there! Maybe not such a good thing at times. Love the Pictures beings you wouldn't send them to me when you were pregnant! Sami loves your shirt too. Tell Anna seems how I feel like I know her from all our conversations together Congrats on her son!
Love Cori

Nelson Family of 7 said...

Jody-that is awesome to read the story. I know you have told me it before but the neatness never goes away! I loved Dr. Fausett, Anna and Jules. I was so upset when Dr. Fausett and Anna moved during my pregnancy with the twins! The new doctor was no where near the doctor that Dr. Fausett was! You have some special little girls there!

Maggie said...

Those pictures are so awesome, Jody, and I'm so glad you got THREE healthy GIRLS!!! I love their names - you guys did a great job picking them.

"Its so easy to compare ourselves and our families to some fictional expectation. Its much harder to listen to God's urgings and be content with how He wants us to be." Carla~
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