Saturday, December 20, 2008

Broc's Party

Last night Broc had his party. He invited over 5 friends for Cookie Cake, presents and then Kevin, Broc, Dave, Heath and these 5 friends all went to a hockey game! They then did a sleepover at our house (Um OH MY) 12 year old boys are loud! They finally went to bed at 4ish. Then left my house after letting Kevin make them all eggs, bacon and pancakes for breakfast this morning!
Broc's big gift from us was his Peyton Manning Fathead! He really loves it!


Maggie said...

OH MY, Jody!!! FIVE 12 year old boys?! HA HA How on earth did you do it???? I BET they were loud. lol Those fatheads are really popular - I bet they had a blast at the game!! What a great party and great pictures!!!

Leslie said...

OH boy I am in for a treat then since I have 4 boys for when my oldest turns 12!!!!!! YIKES!!!! they are loud already!!!!!!!!!! my oldest son wanted a fathead for Christmas till we saw how much they are!!!!!!!!! holly crap!!!! he wouldn't have gotten hardly anything else had we gotten him that, he will have to wait till April when he turns 10, I suppose. Have a Wonderful Christmas!!!!!!! can't wait to see the pictures from x-mas morning!!!

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