Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning!

We leave out a "Big" Santa gift, so here is what they got: Dave and Broc Video/MP3 player, Heath Tony Hawk Ramp, board, helmet, and gear, the girls got bikes! Then we left out a gift from Kevin and I to the 3 boys because to be honest it was too hard to wrap, so that is why the xbox 360 and Rockband are out. Now before you go um hello.... We got everything on such great steals, and deals you would die! Plus, Santa this year for the girls lives in D.C. (I have 4 whom believe, and am afraid may get on here) so I will leave it at that! :)
When I ask them all their favorite gifts, here were the answers: Dave "The 360 and Bronco hoodie" Broc "My football helmets and car" Heath "my hoodie and tony hawk stuff" and the ladies loved their new babies! They each got a Baby Alive (10.00 each) and they also got the Disney princess babies Aspen got Baby Princess Belle, Payton got Baby Princess Ariel and Trinity got Baby Princess Cinderella! Kevin's favorite gift was a Cleveland Browns ring from my sister, her husband and the boys and mine was A kick butt Guess purse and wallet from my parents! I LOVE purses! Kevin and I decided not to exchange this year and that may have worked out well for us both, as I am not sure we could have topped one another's favorite things! :)

A huge Thank You to all those that buy in one way or another for any of my kids, or Kevin and I. We really appreciate it! :) The image on the end is a present from my cousin, Cori, of Endless Possibilities, she made me a logo for my van! I have been meaning to order, but have put off, so thank you Cori.

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Cori said...

Your welcome! Take a bigger picture for me to see the whole back window to put on the site please!! From what I can see in the square it looks like it worked out great and looks good and big enough to read as you drive on past and grab your attention while parked!! Now if only I would get one done for myself seems how I make them!!! I am also glad the 6 kids loved thier vinyl for thier bedroom doors. Send me some shots of that also to post, please. I know, pretty demanding huh???!!! I am glad you liked all the gifts. Tell the kids We love them and hope they had a Merry Christmas.
Love Aunt Cori and Pearson Family

Noah's Mommy said...

Wow Santa....I am sure there were lots of squeals...and oohs and ahhs...

Maggie said...

It's like a toy store at your house!! =) I love it; I bet it was so exciting Christmas morning - I wish I could have been there. I love the girls/glasses on their bikes in the house. ha ha

You're not kidding about the deals in the stores right now. I can't wait to go shopping this weekend for some stuff I needed for Christmas (a new nativity set and angel for our 2nd tree we put up this year). I bet I can get them for next to nothing right now!! I can't wait to go shopping tomorrow!!

You are cracking me up with all of our similarities... I have had my eye on this purse for quite sometime and just might have to sneak it into my shopping list. It's a zebra patterned purse and I LOVE IT! The purse I have right now is a coach knock off my sister got for me for 50 bucks a year or so ago, and I like it, but it's just like this huge bottomless pit that I can never find my phone/keys/or anything else I need at any certain time. I have seriously missed more calls that way - losing my phone down in it and not getting to it in time! LOL So here's to finding me a brand new purse in post-Christmas bargain fashion!!! ha ha

Nelson Family of 7 said...

Sounds and looks like the kids had a great Christmas! Adrianna got the Baby Alive doll as well but we didn't get the great deal that you got! Glad you guys had a great Christmas!

"Its so easy to compare ourselves and our families to some fictional expectation. Its much harder to listen to God's urgings and be content with how He wants us to be." Carla~
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