Saturday, December 27, 2008

This Weekend...

Well from what I understand our house is not the only house that has enjoyed the Xbox360 with Rockband allllll weekend long! Dave's T.V. is not big enough, nor his room, so when I came home today this is how I found my living room. At least they all like it I guess! Nothing like daddy in on the action as well! :)
The other images are of my ladies in their new "dirty dancing" dresses. Before you go voting me worst mom of the year, for allowing my 4 year old triplets to watch it, they only watch the dancing parts. They will literally go back and forth in the room just to see what part is on. If it's a dancing part, they all come running in!
Yesterday the Fed X man rang the door bell to a last minute surprise for them, and when they pulled the dresses out, all 3 of them exclaimed "Mama, look we got Dirty Dancing dresses!" To which of course we then needed to watch it AGAIN! :)
For the most part it's not a bad movie for them to watch, and I am glad they are so interested in dancing!
I hope you all have a great weekend too!


Leslie said...

Soooo cute! I love their dresses!! they seemed to have fun dancing!!

Katie&Ella said...

TOO CUTE!!!! Love the pigtails! I will say, that's one reason to have longer hair -- Ella would LOVE it if I let her hair get long enough for pigtails, but NO WAY! :)My girls LOVE dancing too, especially Dancing with the Stars.

Nelson Family of 7 said...

Jody I love that movie and I love the dresses! The girls are too cute and it is funny about the rock band! We have it as well and the kids love playing! That is what we did for Michael and the twins birthday party back in September! Hope you have a Happy New Year!

Maggie said...

Ahahahahaha!!! I love the 'Dirty Dancin' Dresses!! =) That is so funny. Are they old enough yet to go to their own dance or gymnastic classes? Oh my gosh, they would love it, Jody!! I love all the pictures - that's so funny the boys have taken over the living room w/ their toys!! HA HA Josh wanted clothes this year, and he went around the house all weekend wearing his new coat and DC cap. Jeramy was like, "Josh, we aren't leaving yet." or I would say, "Where are you going, honey?" LOL To which he would reply, "No where, Mom!" ha ha I don't mind it though, like you, him doing that only makes me realize how much he likes all of his new stuff!! =) We don't have an Xbox, but we have a PS3 and Jeramy and Josh have been wearin' that thing out all weekend too!! =)

I love your sectional, Jody. I am trying really, really hard to convince Jeramy that we need one for our downstairs living room. I realized at Christmas when we had some people over, that there just isn't enough room w/ our current seating arrangements for everyone to be able to sit and talk together. He says, "No way are we buying furniture right now - we just got the couches we have!!" (Well, actually, they are 2 years old already, thank you very much honey!!) ha ha I'll keep working on him... maybe I'll get my way eventually. HA!

Marie said...

I don't think I saw Dirty Dancing till I moved out of the house! The girls are very pretty and look ready to dance!

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